The beauty of renowned Italian vineyards, the majesty of centuries-old tradition, and the exceptional mastery in wine making that you expect to taste in every glass.

The Story of Scarpa

The Story of Scarpa


Having just arrived in Venice as a visionary migrant, Antonio Scarpa was pleasantly surprised by the magnificence of the countryside all around him, the exclusivity of the local cuisine, and the delicacy of the Piedmontese wines. From the moment he set foot on these hills, he chased the dream of establishing a small winery that would accumulate the best traditions in the region in order to share the most cherished Italian beverages.

The modern Scarpa winery is the work of Maria Pesce―a winemaker from Nizza who took a small wine cellar and converted it into an established company with best-in-industry standards. His respect for the land, relentless pursuit of quality, and patient bottle aging make Scarpa what it is today.

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Scarpa Vineyards ― Where Wine is Born

We cherish the balance of wine production and ecological stewardship
that goes into every Scarpa wine collection.

Monferrato Poderi Bricchi


Perched atop the hill between Acqui Terme and Castel Rocchero, Monferrato Poderi Bricchi is home to nearly all Piedmontese traditional grapes. The 50-hectare estate is covered with the red and white grapes that form the foundation of the renowned Scarpa portfolio. Perfect climate, incredible location, and fertile soil―everything needed to produce world-class beverages in one place.

Barbaresco Neive Canova


There are only four villages officially allowed to produce Barbaresco wines, and Neive is one of them. This vineyard is nothing but perfect: ranging between 250 and 300 meters above sea level, with clay and limestone-rich soil, all of these ingredients make it possible to grow exclusive wines that have become the gems of our collection.

Barolo Verduno Monvigliero


This vineyard is the reason why we at Scarpa are madly in love with reds. If you still think red wines are not about elegance, then you haven’t been to Verduno. The soil of this vineyard is rich in clay, sand, and limestone, making it an ideal environment for producing these intense red wines.

Barolo La Morra Roncaglie


Already familiar to most wine makers, Roncaglie is a perfect location for growing traditional Piedmontese grapes, including the famous Barolo, Bra, and Alba. Good water retention, steep slopes that stretch 300 meters above the sea level, and rich soil are the core qualities that make this land stand out.

Scarpa Wines

Scarpa Wines

Nebbiolos & Barberras

Genuine wine connoisseurs are well acquainted with Nebbiolo and Barberra grapes—marquee names of the Piedmont wine-making region. Scarpa is proud to have an exclusive collection of Nebbiolo and Barberra wine that will impress even the most demanding wine lovers.

Scarpa Wines

Scarpa Exclusive Collection

Our exclusive collection of wines includes white and red grapes that will appeal to the true wine lover who is obsessed with both quality and delicate taste. Our vintage palette has been our pride for over a century, and we strive to preserve it in every detail to ensure our guests enjoy the treasure of Piedmont as Antonio Scarpa intended.

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