Top 7 Weird Alcoholic Drinks You Should Know About

Top 7 Weird Alcoholic Drinks

You Should Know About And Maybe Try

Closer to the holidays, closer we’re to the possibility of being a bit drunk. There are a wide variety of alcohol companions for you to spend an anti-sober night with. But to transform those nights into genuine, unique experiences, you should avoid a beaten path. The globe offers you a number of weirdest alcohol drinks your adventurous spirit may crave for. Maybe some of them look disturbing and gross, but after tasting them, they’ll be engraved into your memories for good. 

Let’s forget about detox, and enjoy holidays and weekends to the fullest with the weirdest alcohol cocktails. Are you game?

Let’s forget about detox, and enjoy holidays and weekends to the fullest with the weirdest alcohol cocktails. Are you game?

1. Bacon Vodka

If you ever thought that vodka is a primitive and not interesting spirit, how wrong you were.  Bacon vodka has the potential to turn your concept of this spirit on its head. It’s infused with bacon flavor. So there is no bacon in it, but the taste of this weird alcohol drink is truly unique. Whether you’re a vodka enthusiast or not, this delicious vodka is worthy of being tasted. What a perfect Bloody mary, Bloody Caesar, or bacon martini is based on Bacon vodka! 

2. Three Penis Wine

You’ve never asked for this, but here it is: wine made with animal penises. It can be made with a snake, seal, deer, or Cantonese dog penis. It’s believed that such a weird alcohol drink can increase men’s potency and virility. What does it taste like? Well, Three Penis wine taste reminds a mix of an expired port, vinegar, and prune juice. If you’re truly interested in tasting this weird alcohol drink, just know that it’s impossible to drink it without tasting animal penises. 

3. Live Minnow Shot

The weirdest of the weirdest alcohol drinks joins this list. The receipt of this drink is quite simple: drop a live Minnow in your shot, and voila – your dink is ready to drink! As if your shot wasn’t good enough without this “particular” ingredient. So if you don’t mind swallowing a live fish, go ahead and try it, but we recommend you double-think that decision. 

Live Minnow Shot - the weirdest of the weirdest alcoholic drinks

4. Bull Testicle Beer

Another crazy male-organs-based drink on our list is Bull Testicle Beer. Well, it’s brewed with, you guessed it, real bull testicle. Jokes aside, this beer has quite good taste, which has gained its popularity. It leaves a pleasant mouthfeel with a sweet taste and a slight slickness after even making a small sip, and it finishes with a little bitterness. Thus, it’s quite an enjoyable experience to taste this unusual alcohol drink even if you may feel repulsed at the beginning. 

5. Stag Semen Beer

If you thought that penis wine or testicle beer are the weirdest alcohol drinks, let us tell you about Stag Semen Beer. This weirdest of the weirdest drink is made of the high-quality real stag semen, of course. To get such semen and preserve its uniquely creamy qualities, stags receive special care such as handpulling instead of using machines. We suspect that you’re thinking: “No way I’ll ever try this extremely weird beer!”. But you should know that it’s won a silver medal at a beer awards, and its taste is pretty good.   

6. Avocado Beer

Though it’s a bit unusual alcohol drink, this one tastes good as it sounds. An avocado beer is the best that may happen to those who love both avocado and beer. We bet there are a lot of such aficionados. Avocado taste is not very distinctive, but you’ll still enjoy its creamy finish. Anyway, this light, refreshing brew tastes really good, so you can buy a bottle of one without any hesitation and pair with a variety of food such as fried potato or BBQ. 

Avocado Beer - unusual alcohol drink

7. Elephant Dung Beer

This has to be a joke, right? But actually, no, it is what it is. This concoction has come to use from Japan. To make this weird alcohol drink, an elephant needs to eat coffee beans, and these beans are later used for brewing the beer. You must be dying to know how it tastes. So Elephant Dung Beer has this bitterness at the beginning, but unexpectedly it has a sweet finish. But be ready that it leaves quite an odd aftertaste. It isn’t so bad though, and people pay crazy money to taste this beer. Do you want to be one of these drink connoisseurs? 

Elephant Dung Beer from Japan

Are you bold enough to try these crazy alcoholic drinks from our list?

Being sober all the time is boring, and craving for some alcohol is a need you should serve from time to time with a healthy amount of it. But what fun in drinking your favorite rum & cola all the time? Give way for new extraordinary drinks. For you to save time in your pocket for some more important things, we’ve made a list of the weirdest alcohol drinks you may like to try (or not). What’s the most bizarre drink from this list? What do you think? 

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