The Gem of Mediterranean: Best Places to Visit in Monaco

The Gem of Mediterranean:

Best Places to Visit in Monaco

What do you know about Monaco? Probably you’ve heard this place is an epitome of luxury and hedonism. It’s the absolute truth! Monaco is a synonym for the luxurious life. Where else can you see such a massive crowd of celebrities?

This microstate on the French Riviera won a lot of hearts throughout the world. Everyone wants to visit Monaco, breathe its air, and feel its felicitous atmosphere. 

What makes Monaco so alluring? What are the top Monaco attractions? In this article, we outlined a list of what you can see and visit in Monaco.

What do you know about Monaco? Probably you’ve heard this place is an epitome of luxury and hedonism. It’s the absolute truth! Monaco is a synonym for the luxurious life. Where else can you see such a massive crowd of celebrities?

Tell Me More About Monaco Culture


Monaco is tiny but, at the same time, an independent city-state, but it’s massive in its worldwide recognition. Celebrities and well-to-do tourists come here in pursuit of unforgettable experiences. Among numerous Monaco attractions, this city offers prestigious sporting, art, culture, and entertainment events, and, of course, this place is filled with casinos, fine restaurants, and shopping spots. 

Besides, the mesmerizing view of Monaco gives life-worthy impressions. Blue crystal-clear water, always sunny weather and magnificent cliffs make this place genuinely unique. 

So, whenever you visit Monaco, you’ll be the witness of the greatness attending the most lavish parties and activities of The Great Gatsby’s scale!

But let us guide you a bit in the glamorous life of the Mediterranean so you can enjoy your trips to Monaco to the fullest!

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Places to Stay on Monaco Coast


  • Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo

Staying in this hotel is a truly royal experience. It helps you dive into Monaco culture and feel Monaco life to the fullest. Being listed as a historical monument, Hotel Hermitage produces jaw-dropping impressions on every resident with its luxurious appearance, a winter garden, bar, spa, and top service. No wonder it has five stars! 

  • The Monte Carlo Beach Hotel

Just imagine that the first thing you see in the morning is the mesmerizing sea and Monaco coast through a big panoramic window. Sounds fantastic, isn’t it? In the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, such a dream becomes a reality. 

This modern and glamorous hotel is situated near the seaside, so residents can enjoy the fantastic sunset views when the sun is gradually hiding behind the water horizon until it fully disappears and morphs into a starry night. 

Besides, the hotel has its own private beach, Olympic-sized pool, and a Michelin-starred restaurant. So if you want to rest from the rest of the world, this is the perfect place to do it!

  • The Chevre d’Or in Eze

This luxury five-star hotel might not be as close to the sea as you might wish, but there are many other goodies. The Chevre d’Or in Eze is located just above Monaco via the Grand Corniche. So you can observe the breathtaking views of the Monaco Mediterranean Sea and live your life to the fullest there.

This is a peaceful place to relax and distract from your worries. A number of gardens and incredible views promise to keep your mind tranquil and blissed!

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Eating Places to Visit in Monaco


  • COYA

This is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Monaco. If you want to experience Latin American culture with hues of the Mediterranean atmosphere, please visit COYA. A world-recognized chef along with his team will please you with divinely tasteful and healthy food of Peru. 

It’s always fiesta time in COYA due to the vibrant and lively atmosphere and Monaco lifestyle as well. Take your delicious signature on the restaurant’s bar and enjoy live music by professional DJs. Cheers! 

  • Polpetta

This Italian food restaurant has chilling vibes and lower prices. So, it’s just perfect if you’re not in the mood to dress out. Just put on the most comfortable clothes, take some friends, and go to this cozy local restaurant. 

The healthy and delicious Italian food here is really worth trying. Besides, you need some rest from the loud luxurious parties with expensive champagne fountains, right? Then, there is no better place for it than Polpetta!

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Exciting Monaco Attractions 


  • Take a Palace Tour

One of the best things to see in Monaco is visiting the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. This very old building is both entertaining and inspiring, and its luxury vibes are something that immediately knocks you down. Besides, you’d probably like to see a place where amazing Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco. 

  • Visit the Automobile Museum 

For all car enthusiasts, the Automobile Museum is heaven. A huge collection of classic and race cars, which used to be the late Prince Rainier property, has been opened to the public since 1993.

It has 100+ cars, including Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, Lamborghinis, and Rolls Roys, and more. No wonder the Monaco Grand Prix is a signature of this state. People in Monaco love expensive cars, so do tourists who visit this place!

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Ready to Experience Monaco Life?


So here you are in one step before going on one of the most exciting trips in your life. You can expect no less than a breathtaking experience from your trips to Monaco!

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