MER Patrimony Insights : How To Travel in Monaco Like James Bond?

How To Travel in Monaco

Like James Bond?

High stakes. Fancy cars. Swanky hotels. Splendid beaches. That’s how filmmakers envisioned the ordinary life of James Bond in Monaco. Do you want to experience at least a share of what this legendary hero did Of course, you are. 

Whenever you plan your trip to Monaco, you won’t forget its pistol-shaped rocks, impressive architecture, and luxury lifestyle. No matter what activity you may try – gambling in the Casino Royale Monte-Carlo or sailing across the Mediterranean sea on a lush yacht – you’ll have the best time of your life. 

Only in Monaco, you may explore secret traces of James Bond and channel your inner spy towards expensive yachts, lavish life, and out-of-this-world nature with these activities:

Whenever you plan your trip to Monaco, you won’t forget its pistol-shaped rocks, impressive architecture, and luxury lifestyle. No matter what activity you may try – gambling in the Casino Royale Monte-Carlo or sailing across the Mediterranean sea on a lush yacht – you’ll have the best time of your life.

Make a Bet in The Casino Royale Monte-Carlo


Ferrari, Ford, Lexus… Oh, these luxury cars you’ll see nearby the iconic marble-and-gold Casino Royale Monte-Carlo located in Monaco. 

Built in belle époque style, this masterpiece of architecture can’t stop enchanting everyone with its chic grandeur and mesmerizing splendor. Since 1863, Casino Royale Monte-Carlo has become the main gambling place where every adventurous soul could lose millions of dollars in a blink of an eye! 

But the gorgeous and lush interiors of this legendary casino are also familiar to us from the renowned film saga about a secret agent 007 – James Bond. For the first time, he showed up in the scene of “Never Say Never” where a famous Scottish actor – Sean Connery starred. The second time James Bond (played by Pierce Brosnan) was filmed inside the white-gold rooms of “GoldenEye.” 

The Casino Royale Monte-Carlo

Explore Monaco’s Picturesque Sights on a Luxury Yacht


If you wanna be like James Bond, sailing across crystal clear waters of the French Riviera on a super charter yacht will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Gentle sways of playful waves and magnetic beauty of azure harbors can steal your heart and mind forever. While you’re staying on a swanky yacht deck, you may also gaze at fascinating rocky cliffs, elegant cypresses, and swish hotels stretching across Monaco’s coastlines. 

Luxuriant, lush, and luxury – that is all about this awe-inspiring principality from the Côte d’Azur. So once you happen to be there, hardly could you forget Monaco’s magnificence that was filmed in “Casino Royale.” You may feel yourself like fearless James Bond, who navigates through transparent Mediterranean waters.

Explore Monaco’s Sights on a Luxury Yacht

Take a Ride Around Circuit de Monaco


Circuit de Monaco is a street situated near the main harbor of the principality. Every year, in May, two world-leading events for car lovers take place there – Formula E Monaco ePrix and Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. 

But Circuit de Monaco is not only famous for holding this event. It has countless interesting sights to explore by a fancy car or a loud motorbike. Even beloved by many of us James Bond (starred by Daniel Craig) did it in “SkyFall” (2012). So if you’re curious to learn what you can find on your way to Circuit de Monaco, here is a handy list of thrilling places to visit in Monaco

  • La Rascasse is a principal venue of Monte Carlo where club life pulsates with its vibrant vibes night in and night out. Once you reach this amazing place, you’ll have a unique chance to dance, drink, and sing like you’ve never done before! Live music performed by world-famous DJs, best-in-class cocktails, and outstanding sea views you’ll experience in La Rascasse. So don’t forget to stop there during your car or moto ride. 
  • Hôtel de Paris is the most famous hotel in Monaco where the aforementioned James Bond movies – Never Say Never” and “GoldEye” – were featured. The building is located near the Casino Royale Monte-Carlo. So if you’ve always wanted to make a bet there, it’s a perfect time to do it!
  • Monte-Carlo Harbor is a splendid spot that will make you stand in awe of surprise and charm. Beautiful boats and luxury superyachts found their hidden haven there. And for you as an occasional observer it means you can order an exclusive yacht and explore unbelievably beautiful coastlines of Monaco.

Circuit de Monaco

Indulge Yourself with Martini in a Classy Bar


Martini is a favourite cocktail of James Bond. He loved ordering his favorite tipple with a twist saying to a bartender: 

A medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred.”

James Bond, “Goldfinger” (1964)

While you’re visiting Monaco, savoring this mind-blowing cocktail is such an experience. Whatever you happen to walk along graceful streets somewhere near Hôtel de Paris, you can visit an elegant bar like Le Bar Américain and order classic Martini in a cocktail glass. 

But bear in mind if you’d like to try this first-rate drink in James Bond’s style, make sure it has such ingredients as a lemon twist, dry vermouth, vodka, and one drop of olive oil. 

Take Private Tango Lessons in Monaco


Yeah, James Bond was a master in tango dancing. So if you want to replicate his elegant style, you should really master this skill.

In “Never Say Never Again” and “GoldenEye”, there were scenes from Fort Antoine – a military fortress that was redesigned in an open-air amphitheatre. Once you reach this wonderful place, don’t miss out on taking a private tango lesson and dancing in front of picturesque Côte d’Azur’s views!

Treat Yourself Royally With Maison Patrimony! 


Love and live like James Bond! This phrase isn’t a simple cliché. It’s a way of life in Monaco. From top-tier yachts to swanky hotels – your jaws may drop from surprise once you see these outstanding miracles. 

It’s impossible to stay away from Monaco and not to be charmed by its captivating splendor. Even James Bond couldn’t resist it. That’s why he loved savoring Martini and navigating a luxury yacht in this scenic principality. 

And you can do the same! Maison Patrimony has a best-in-class vintage collection to enlighten your party with a zesty twist. Order your favorite bottle, celebrate your soirée like a king or a queen in a lush restaurant, and explore splendid Monaco with us.

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