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For Your First Sailing Trip

Get on the boat? Not so fast

If you are looking for something different to get your holiday moving and land trips are becoming boring, taking a tour on a cruise ship might be your next big thing. Yacht traveling is a great alternative to traditional types of entertainment as it provides numerous opportunities to enjoy new activities. Because of this, people with acquired taste to holidays are often going on a cruise to gain unique experiences. 

First cruise can be an enjoyable vacation or a stressful disaster — it all depends on the preparation, which is the key to a successful fare. To avoid any unnecessary issues, this guide will provide you with some practical tricks and tips for going on a cruise for the first time so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

First cruise can be an enjoyable vacation or a stressful disaster — it all depends on the preparation, which is the key to a successful fare. To avoid any unnecessary issues, this guide will provide you with some practical tricks and tips for going on a cruise for the first time so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

First yacht cruise | MER

Our list of tips and tricks


1. Think of where you want to go

The checklist for cruise vacation should begin with a simple question — where to head? This way, it will be possible to prepare for all the other potential difficulties that may arise. So, are you fancying sailing to some tropical paradise or night city? 

These choices can determine the whole tone of your trip and establish a mood for you and your companions. A proper choice of the destination for your sailing trip is probably the most important factor that can affect the whole experience.

Choice of the destination for your sailing trip

2. Consider your companions

The choice of people around you matters — are you going on a family trip, a business cruise, or a party vacation? The audience is the defining factor in preparing for a cruise. The more people you are going to have on board, the bigger yacht you need. 

A family trip means that you can focus on creating a casual atmosphere with great wine and food. There is no need to plan any sort of formal event as you can focus on family bonding and spend time with your nearest and dearest. A business trip, on the other hand, is a different matter. One of the most important things to know before going on a cruise with colleagues or business partners is to maintain the balance between fun and business. 

Party vacation is a whole different matter. You might want to think through leisure time and how to entertain guests who are longing for a unique entertainment experience. That’s where all the nitty-gritty details should be thought out to ensure you have a good rest. 

Your travel companions | MER

3. Find a yacht charter that will suit you perfectly

When the location and companions are defined, it is the right time to decide on the yacht to charter. You are likely to consider a company that takes care of all the necessities so that nothing can distract you from your cruise. Luxurious surroundings are mandatory as well; so, take your time and do some research to get the best out of the best. If you take on this journey, you should be secure to know what to do on a cruise.

Super and mega yachts are equipped with elite suites and cabins that are a great match for people wanting to escape from their worries. You will be able to enjoy uncompromised freedom that is coupled with luxurious lounges for comfortable travel and outdoor activities for those who want to try something more!

Although there are some important things to know, a worthy yacht charter has to take care of all the details. That is why a superyacht is a great solution. You will be able to travel literally anywhere with luxurious comfort and entertainment.

Super yacht to charter | MER

4. Personal luggage matter

People often overestimate how many clothes and other things they will need on their yacht trip. A person’s first time cruise packing list usually consists of lots of things that include clothing, toiletries and other small things. However, you are aiming for a luxury ride on a super yacht — there is no need to overpack yourself.

All you need is several sets of clothing, shoes you are comfortable with, and first kit if you need any. All the other things will be supplied by your yacht charter so you can rest assured that everything will be fine.

Personal luggage matter for your first sailing trip

5. Documents!

Preparing all the required documents for a long-lasting journey is solely your responsibility. That is why it’s important to remember basic things such as an international passport, visa, and any other documents that are required to enter a country. 

Also, things such as an ATM card, cash, and insurance certificates are your personal responsibility. Your checklist for cruise has to cover all the documents to avoid any misunderstanding during your trip.

Documents for a long-lasting journey

6. Communication is the key

To ensure you have a fantastic trip, it is important to communicate your needs properly. First of all, tell the company what you are expecting from your first cruise. This way, it will be possible to avoid any potential conflicts regarding the food, accommodations, and entertainment program.

Maintaining contact with the captain is a key to an enjoyable journey. After all, a yacht captain is the most knowledgeable person on the boat who can assist you with virtually any sort of concern — whether it is interesting destinations or managing the crew’s involvement in your journey.

Maintaining contact with the captain - a key to an enjoyable journey

7. Be flexible and respectful

Probably the most obvious cruise advice for first timers is to respect the crew. Remember — these people are here to provide you with the best experience you can imagine and they work really hard on improving their service. 

Yachts’ captain knows the best — it is a rule of thumb. So, if you hear your captain recommending that you make some changes to your destination, it is advisable to listen to his or her ideas. You want your first time sailing to be smooth so respect the professional opinion of the ship’s captain.

Knowledge of the yacht captain

8. Follow the rules

If the captain clearly states that there is some sort of rule, you have to go along with it. An old tradition states that each and every captain of a ship is like a governor of a territory. Yes, you pay for a trip but that doesn’t mean that you get to ignore “local commons.” Keeping this in mind is the best way to ensure that the cruise planning checklist will work out perfectly.

First Sailing Journey | MER

Final thoughts

All-in-all, having a yacht cruise is a great experience for anyone who wants to try something new. These first time cruise recommendations have the purpose of preparing you for a great experience while emphasizing on the things that you might miss.

That is why this guide is important for anyone who is going for a cruise for the first time in their lives. All the tips explained in this guide have one reason — create conditions for a great adventure for you, your family, colleagues, or party members.

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