Monvigliero Vineyard Villas

The beauty of Italian vineyards coupled with bespoke service, delicious wines, and refined
travel experiences

About Monvigliero
Vineyard Villas

Perched on the top of rolling Italian hills covered with green vineyards, Monvigliero Vineyard Villas are located in the heart of Barolo―a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Vineyard Landscape.

The four exclusive villas situated around a panoramic pool can host up to 40 guests. Each of the villas can accommodate 8–14 guests and may be rented individually upon your request. During your stay, you can treat yourself to a variety of activities: walk around the Piedmont vineyards, taste exclusive wines while resting at your villa, or embark on a fascinating trip to a nearby sight.

Vineyard Villas

Villa A ― Tettimora

Located out of public view, this villa has everything you need to have a private and cozy rest. Tettimora’s location makes it a perfect choice for any season. Whether you choose a rainy fall or a scorching summer, rest assured nothing will spoil your relaxation.

Villa B ― Tettinaive

This villa is for those who enjoy being in the limelight! Located in the main courtyard of the property, it opens up on the incredible scenery of the Piedmont vineyards. Modern amenities masterfully integrated with vintage furniture constitute Tettinaive’s unique character that will appeal to any true connoisseur.

Villa C ― La Bogliona

Spacious, incredibly sunny and, at the same time, cozy―here you can throw a party in the outdoor dining area or spend a cozy evening with your loved ones drinking exclusive Italian wines. With numerous panoramic windows and balconies, you can marvel at the renowned Barolo vineyards at any time of the day or night.

Villa D ― La Bricchi

As the epitome of the noble lifestyle, La Bricchi will allow you to capture the essence of living in the Northern Italian countryside. Two living rooms, gorgeous bedrooms, and comfy balconies add to the aristocratic style of this villa, which will cater to the preferences of the most sophisticated guests.

Vineyard Villas

The beauty of Italian vineyards coupled with bespoke service, delicious wines, and refined
travel experiences


What could be better than a plate of pasta served with a glass of wine? The personal chef service allows you to explore all the culinary treasures of Piedmont. Let our chefs guide you through the local specialties and experience the gastronomic delights of Italy.

Wine Tasting

Barolo wine is a true masterpiece of Italian viticulture. Grown in lush vineyards following all the best practices of producing the renowned Barolo wine, our collection is rich in both young and vintage grapes, including the famous Nebbiolos and Barbaresco.


As the second largest region in the country, Piedmont is known for breathtaking sights that will make you fall in love with Italy. Why limit yourself to a single spot? Walk around the Italian vineyards, see the best practices of producing famous Barolo wine with your own eyes, or travel to nearby cities to feed your wanderlust.

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