What Makes an Incredible Wine Collection: How to Collect Wine

What Makes an Incredible Wine Collection:

How to Collect Wine

Wine is a valuable liquid that has won the hearts many wine-lovers. There are many wines you can still explore. However, it’s a pleasant thought to have the best wine bottle collection right in your house! And you don’t have to have the fattest wallet to make this come true. 

The intention to have your own wine collection is a noble one, but you need to know the peculiarities of the wine collecting process. But before we delve into this process more, here are some tips on where you should start your journey of a wine connoisseur to make your dream come true! 

Wine is a valuable liquid that has won the hearts many wine-lovers. There are many wines you can still explore. However, it’s a pleasant thought to have the best wine bottle collection right in your house! And you don’t have to have the fattest wallet to make this come true.

What Makes Your Wine Bottle Collection High-End?


There is the 20-20-60 ratio that helps you to collect wine in an organized way. It means that 20% of your wine collection should be drinkable young wines, another 20% should be aged ready-to-drink wines, and 60% is for will age in about five years. Each of these wine categories has its aims. Let’s dive more into each of them:

Drinkable Young Wines. Don’t expect that this category of wine will become better with years. They have another aim. It’s useful to have wines you can drink right at the moment in your house. It’s an effective approach to start collecting wine with drinkable ones, so they allow you to enjoy their delicious taste now, and it’s a good place to start with! No one collects wine just to look at these bottles, you should have a chance to enjoy its taste as well!

Aged Wines. This type of wine can be drunk immediately after the purchase, or you can also leave it in your wine cellar basement for about three years to reach its peak. This wine is excellent for reselling after it becomes mature since it’s a value-enhancing investment. But at the same time, it’ll be a perfect partner to spend the lovely evening with!

Wine That Will Age in Five Years. It’s not long to wait for five years until wine matures, especially knowing that its value will grow immensely with years. It’s worth the wait! You just need to ensure that the bottles are correctly stored in your modern wine cellar, so they’ll get an impeccable delicious taste in the future. 

Now, let’s move to the tips on how to make your own wine collection!

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How to Make an Incredible Wine Collection:


1. Build a Plan


Skip haphazardly buying all possible wines for your collection. The process of collecting wine should be organized and systematic. Otherwise, you’ll have a bunch of wines gathering dust in the corner of your wine cellar basement. We may know pretty well that collecting wines is convenient because you always have a solid wine on your hand. And when a special dinner comes, you always know what you can offer to your guests! 

But a plan for your collection is necessary. For instance,  you don’t have to save a lot of money but buy great young and cheap wine and age it yourself. Just do research and find out what wines will be nice with aging rather than look for its expensive and hard-to-find mature counterparts. Usually, red wines become better with age, but some white wines can also improve with time preserving its acidity. 

One of the widely known wine collectors in the world is Nicolas Paris. He owns one of the world’s largest wine collections, and Paris says that he “spends approximately $15,000 a year spitting wine.” You need to have big pockets to purchase good wines for your collection. Paris is a Master of Wine from the Institute of Masters of Wine in London. He allocates a specific sum of money for wine collecting so it will not eat away his financial resources too much. 

Paris also claims that “A lot of people purchase wines that are meant to be consumed much earlier and hold on to them for a long time.” It doesn’t work that way. Not every wine becomes better with age. 

2. Follow Your Taste


There is no sense to buy every famous wine you find. But rather spend your money wisely on the wines you like. Wine can be compared to art. You don’t buy paintings that you don’t like. So it’s better to follow your taste and pick the wine you personally like drinking. Besides, there are no guarantees that any wine you buy will increase in price and quality with age for you to sell it. So, buying the wine you like is a win-win situation for you. 

Admittedly, except for your favorite wines, you need to fill your wine collection with new wines, you need to look for it. Wine is a tricky liquid; you can never fully explain all the spectrum of its aroma and taste. So, at least before buying a new wine for your collection, taste it.

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3. Take Care About a Proper Storage 


So you’ve decided to collect wine. That’s great! But you should think of where you will keep your collection. It’s better not to keep wine as decor since it’ll be destroyed by the warm temperature and low humidity. 

First thing first, find the cold spot in your house. Some people use a cellar and some a closet. You need to ensure that this spot is well-insulated and air-conditioned. It is also nice when wine bottles are stored on wooden shelves. And you’ll do yourself a favor if you’ll keep an inventory of everything you buy. 

Interestingly, big wine connoisseurs also tend to list their wine collection to the insurance in case of unpleasant accidents. 

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4. Get a Reliable Seller 


There are wine collectors who may prefer to purchase wine at an auction, but it’s much more reliable to find a solid seller or buy directly from a winery. Besides, if you see a really nice price somewhere, know that it’s too good to be true. Better compare with the prices of other sellers. And if you don’t know where to find a reliable merchant, it’s better to consult with experienced wine collectors.

Buy wines directly from a winery

5. Invest into Rare Cult Wines 


First, you need to purchase drinkable wines, and then, invest in your first rare vintage wines. This step is crucial since it makes you closer to serious wine collectors. Cult wines are produced in lesser amounts and only by few winemakers, so their popularity among wine-lovers is higher and expensive. You are not likely to find these wines in the market, so you need to put more effort. But the effort even raises the wine’s value!

Collecting Wine is an Enjoyable Process Every Wine Lover Should Dive Into!


To have an awesome wine collection, you should put a lot of effort. But as a result, you’ll have a compiled collection of wines suited to any fancy or occasion. You just need to go to your cellar and pick the bottle you like. It’s also a splendid way to impress your guests. So, build your own large wine storage with the small but vital tips we revealed to you!

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