What to Drink Instead of Coffee: Some of the Healthiest Drinks

What to Drink Instead of Coffee:

Some of the Healthiest Drinks

If your morning usually starts with caffeine and your day does not go well without it, you should consider replacing coffee with a healthier substitute. Coffee is an energy booster and a good means to socialize at the office. But it’s not good for your health, especially if you drink it every few hours. Even the smallest dose of caffeine can evoke nervousness, agitation, distress, or headache. 

So, if you’re in pursuit of energy every morning, and it’s driving you to a cup of coffee, there are some healthy and delicious alternatives for you! 

So, if you’re in pursuit of energy every morning, and it’s driving you to a cup of coffee, there are some healthy and delicious alternatives for you!

Kombucha Tea

You probably have heard about Kombucha, but never tried by yourself. It’s a beverage fermented with black tea, yeast, and sugar. Kombucha has a number of health properties, including preventing cancer, improving memory, and regulating high blood pressure and bowel movements. 

Besides, Kombucha enhances the immune system and normalizes cholesterol and blood glucose levels. It happens because it is filled with probiotics and antioxidants. And since this beverage is made of fermented tea, drinkers get a specific amount of L-theanine and the caffeine that boost your energy without making you nervous or agitated. In such a way, it’s a nice and healthy coffee replacement that is good at waking you up in the mornings!

Kombucha Tea - beverage fermented with a number of health properties

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a fantastic herbal tea that will help you start your day without coffee. It’s made of the South American holly tree’s caffeinated leaves, and it’s teeming with nutrients, antioxidants, such vitamins as thiamine, phosphorus, calcium, iron, riboflavin, and vitamins C and E. 

This healthy beverage is great because you can consume it hot, cold, in a tea infuser, or even in a coffee machine. 78 mg of caffeine is in one cup of Yerba Mate, which is quite the same as in one cup of a coffee. But what is special about this herbal tea is that it does not bring that “brushing” effect as the coffee does. Its enjoyable smokey taste will totally deserve a chance to substitute coffee.

Yerba Mate - fantastic herbal tea

Coconut Water

This refreshing and tasty drink is one of the healthiest for you to start your day with. It boosts your energy with the richness of nutrients such as vitamin C, Magnesium, Protein, Sodium, and Calcium. Its natural sweetness does not encourage you to add some sugar as a bitter taste of coffee does. Coconut water is also a perfect source of hydration contrasting to coffee. And for those who don’t spend much time on making beverages, coconut water is ready to drink the very moment you buy it in the supermarket. This extremely delicious, nutritious, and healthy drink  benefits your health and enhances your energy so you’ll forget about coffee. 

Coconut Water - refreshing and tasty drink

Chicory Coffee

If you still miss the taste of a coffee, Chicory Coffee is what you need. Its taste resembles coffee, but it’s a drink with no caffeine. But the lack of caffeine doesn’t prevent this delicious and healthy beverage from imbuing you with energy and strength. A great deal of inulin in Chicory Coffee improves digestion and growth of beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacteria. But keep in mind that it’s better to avoid the beverage if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it may negatively affect your child. 

Matcha Tea

Coming to us directly from Japan, this type of green tea has won a lot of adorers. Despite being tasty, it’s rich with antioxidants. It’s made of the whole leaves of the Camellia plant. So antioxidants in this healthy drink are much more concentrated than even in green tea. Matcha Tea is not only an energy booster but also a remedy for high blood pressure, and a means that reduces weight and body fat. It’s a drink with caffeine but no sugar, which also contains L-theanine, and amino acids that improve mood and cognitive functions. But these ingredients don’t cause a jittery feeling, which is very important. Matcha can be pretty sophisticated in preparing because you need to do everything thoroughly. Any deviation from the receipt affects its taste. A bit of effort is worthy of such a delicious drink!

Matcha Tea - type of green tea made of the whole leaves of the Camellia plant

Golden Milk

Golden milk is a great substitute for coffee, even if it’s usually drunk at night. This warm beverage is made of milk, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, black paper, and sometimes honey and vanilla. All of it gives this healthy drink such an eye-pleasing color. It doesn’t consist of caffeine, but it still keeps you energized! Besides, Golden milk has anti-inflammatory properties due to turmeric, and it also can improve mental health and memory. Despite preparations taking only about 5 minutes, the benefits of Golden Milk for your health are limitless. 

Golden milk - great substitute for coffee


Last but not least of coffee substitutions are smoothies. It’s an accurate answer for, “What can I drink instead of coffee?” It’s easy and refreshing, and what a delightful morning it can be with a glass of fresh smoothie! This rich source of vitamins and nutrients will charge you with energy for the rest of the day. Fiber, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and proteins make this beverage extremely healthy. And you can choose from a variety of tastes experimenting with different fruits or vegetables. 

Smoothies - rich source of vitamins and nutrients

You’ll Forget about Coffee with These Delicious and Healthy Drinks from our List!

It’s high time to stop looking for excuses and finally replace coffee with easy healthy drinks. Believe us, it would be a delicious and pleasant replacement. Since you’re aware of the negative effect of coffee and your health, we provided you with a whole list of amazing drinks that are even better than coffee: go ahead and enjoy new healthy drinks

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