What Are the Best Wines to Savor in Summer? Ask Our Sommelier!

What Are the Best Wines to Savor in Summer?

Ask Our Sommelier!

Nothing can make us happier every summer as a glass of chilled bubbling wine. Its mild yet strong scents create a real trunk of sublime tasting notes. From fruity to floral – you may feel whatever delightful mixture of flavors in your mouth. 

As a world-famous writer – Paulo Coelho – once wrote in his novel “Brida”: “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”

A similar idea can be also applied to refreshing options of summer wine. So whether it’s a first-rate vintage of prosecco or Pinot Grigio, our sommelier suggests you to savor the following elegant tipples to spark your days with a rainbow-colored mood: 

Nothing can make us happier every summer as a glass of chilled bubbling wine. Its mild yet strong scents create a real trunk of sublime tasting notes. From fruity to floral – you may feel whatever delightful mixture of flavors in your mouth.

A Sparkling Wine – Pét-Nat

Pét-nat or pétillant naturel is a new ever-so-slightly crisp wine that has already stolen our souls in summer of 2020. Unfiltered, bubbly, and cloudy – that cheery fizz will help you survive even the most unbearable heat wave. 

Created with love to indulge you on a dinner table, pét-nat is made with a special wine technique – Méthode Ancestrale. Unlike traditional sparkling methods where sugar and yeast are used to produce bubbles, this approach doesn’t add the aforementioned ingredients relying on wine bottling instead. 

How to Drink?

Whenever you feel the need to savor the best wine to refresh yourself, pét-nat must be an ideal choice. So if you’d like to know how to savor this tipple du jour, our high-end wine sommelier shares the next handy tips

  • Store this trendy wine bottle in a fridge.
  • Take it out from there and pour gently into a flute. 
  • Add strawberries, raspberries or other kinds of berries inside your glass. 
  • Pair pét-nat with parmesan, gorgonzola, blue, and brie cheese.

Celebrate your summer with this fruit-and-flower-forward wine!

Tasting Notes

Fresh, crisp, fruity, floral with citrus or lemon-zest breeziness.

A Lovely Bubble – Pink Prosecco 

Pink prosecco is a brand-new sparkling tipple that is going to conquer the global wine market soon. But you shouldn’t rush out to buy this high-quality wine. As a popular online magazine – “Food & Wine” – reports, the first bottles of sparkling pink prosecco will appear from the 1st of January in 2021. 

Made from white Glera grapes, this mouth-filling tipple is also blended with other grape varieties (mainly red) like Pinot Noir. The main requirements for its official production are that labels should be vintage dated with a minimum of 85% fruits in liquid. 

Yeah, we all expect a grand arrival of pink prosecco to blush over on the summer rooftops next year! 

How to Drink?

Although rumors about the arrival of pink prosecco spread so quickly, you may start your preparation for savoring it right. Just take a deep cleansing breath, curl up in your comfy sofa, and read these useful suggestions from our wine expert:

  • Serve pink prosecco in a posh tulip or a champagne glass.
  • Garnish the rim with a cherry or a lemon zest.
  • Pair with vegetable salad and truffle risotto. 
  • Savor pink prosecco with strawberries, oranges, and other juicy fruits.

Top off your summertime season with this sublime bubble!

Tasting Notes

Bubbling, fresh, fruity, and floral flavors. 

A Lovely Bubble – Pink Prosecco. How to drink?

A Refreshing Tipple – Orange Wine 

Orange wine is not made either from oranges or mandarins. So why is this best-in-class vintage named like that? Nobody knows the answer. But what we can admit is that orange wine is the best drinking option to enjoy your summer soirée. 

Fermented with grape skins, this out-of-earth beverage has bold yet lingering scents of apricots and honey. Thus, once one teeny drop will come to your mouth, you may hardly forget a pleasant flavor of orange wine. 

How to Drink?

Bone-dry, albeit sweet and mouth-watering – that’s how this fantastic summer tipple savors. Whether you plan to spend a stunning evening with your friends or family, you should know how to taste orange wine. So get informed about that and read these tips from our sommelier: 

  • Keep a bottle of orange wine in the ice bucket to have an excellent refresh on hot summer days.
  • Pour it slowly into a champagne flute.
  • Garnish with a citrus or lemon zest. 
  • Enjoy sipping orange wine with a smoked-salmon salad and parmesan cheese. 

Enchant your nearest and dearest with a fantastic orange wine!

Tasting Notes

Sour, robust, crisp, juicy with scents of hazelnuts, apples, and dried apples. 

A Refreshing Tipple – Orange Wine. How to drink?

A Fancy Vintage – Rosé 

Summer is crammed with beautiful colors and mesmerizing experiences. But nothing can cheer you up like a good-tasting wine – rosé. Whether you’re an outdoorsy person who loves picnics, such an amazing tipple is definitely for you. 

Delicate, subtle yet erratic – rosé may remind us of a capricious queen who descended from her sumptuous throne to play ruthlessly with our moods except for summer. Hence, add this prime vintage to your wine collection and savor its divine-tasting drops.

How to Drink?

With rosé, you’ll experience a storm of different scents: from elegant flowers to fragrant citruses. If you have strong craving for trying this superb tipple, read these wine tips from our seasoned sommelier: 

  • Serve rosé in a medium-sized glass. 
  • Add a touch of gin and a slice of a lemon for a more pungent taste. 
  • Put a tiny strawberry on a glass rim. 
  • Pair rosé with light salads and rice plates. 

Create out-of-this world experiences with funky rosé!

Tasting Notes

Citrus zest, strawberries, melons, rose petals, and rhubarb.

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