Gin Myths Busted: All the Truth About Your Favorite Drink

Gin Myths Busted:

Know All the Truth About Your Favorite Drink

Gin is an alcoholic drink that is made of Juniper berries and has hailed to us from Italy (not Britain or Netherlands). In the past days, it was used as a medical liquor in the fight against malaria. Nowadays, when its flavors and taste have changed, and medical properties have been dispersed, gin is one of the world’s most popular drinks.

In the past days, it was used as a medical liquor in the fight against malaria. Nowadays, when its flavors and taste have changed, and medical properties have been dispersed, gin is one of the world’s most popular drinks.


We are not sure that any other drinks have so many legends and myths around as gin. Its mysterious aura and unusual herbal taste gave birth to tons of “facts” that happen to be false. Becoming legendary and popular because of well-known movies such as Casablanca, Casino Royale, or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, gin won many adorers’ hearts. As we know, the more popular you become, the more gossip precedes you.  

But in this article, we’ll bustle the most common gin myths once and for all! 

  • Gin Taste Like Juniper

If it doesn’t taste like Juniper, what is gin made of then? Well, that’s true that all gins include at least some amount of juniper berries. But the taste of it is felt to a different extent. So not all gingers are bursting with juniper taste when it comes to your mouth. Whether you’re fond of this taste or no, you should know that gin is not always about juniper berries. Consider Hendrick’s, made of rose and cucumber, or Malfy, made of Italian lemons. They will bust a myth about the juniper taste of gin. However, such gins as London Dry has this distinctive juniper taste, and many truly enjoy it! 

Juniper - taste of gin

  • Gin Makes You Blue

Have you ever heard that Tequila unleashes your inner rage while gin makes you sad? For you to know, it’s fiction. Maybe some alcohol drinks really affect your mood and emotions. For instance, wine and beer can make you relaxed. But gin, Tequila, or vodka are made of ethanol, and there are no components that can somehow put you out of humor. So gin doesn’t have such an influence on you. Avoiding gin because it would have a magical sad-making effect on you is not wise. It’s better to enjoy its delicious gin taste without worrying about feeling sad because the research shows that you’ll be prone to feel so if you think so. But it’s not gin’s fault!


  • Gin & Tonic is the Cure for Malaria

No one knows where that comes from, but people tend to believe that alcohol can cure a lot of diseases. But having ethanol in its content doesn’t make the beverage a remedy. Unfortunately, protecting people from malaria is not one of the benefits of gin. Though the tonic helped the British Raj fight malaria, its present version has no such curing properties since its content has drastically changed. So don’t rely too much on gin & tonic. It will not keep malaria at bay as well as other diseases.

Bottle of a solid gin

  • Gin Deters Mosquitos

Well, we see no reasons why mosquitoes might avoid gin. It’s rather a viral myth about gin going through the internet than the truth. Let’s dive a bit into the history of gin. In the mid-18th century, gin & tonic was favored by the British army who were in India. However, this drink has tasted differently back to that time than the modern gin & tonic does. It has had a highly bitter taste because of the large content of quinine. It’s believed that such an old gin taste and medical flavor can scare mosquitoes away. But it doesn’t work that way nowadays. So, before pouring yourself or in yourself gin while going in the place full of mosquitos, doublethink it and consider a bug spray.


  • Gin Has Pioneered Product Placement 

It’s one of the most popular myths about gin. Today, product placement is in every movie. You may catch clearly visible logos of Coca Cola, Budweiser, Lucky Strike, and so on while watching movies. But you know what? It wasn’t such a common practice until the 1930s. Many believe that in 1951’s movie The African Queen, the scene when Humphrey Bogart pays for Gordon’s Gin is the first product placement in the history of cinematography. But how wrong they are! The first product placement occurred in 1930’s movies of Marx Brothers, in which they showed a lot of brands. It’s proper to say that gin’s product placement was the most famous back then but totally not the first. 

Gin - one of the healthiest spirits

Why Should You Add Gin to Your Home Collection?

Maybe this list of the most famous gin myths a bit discourages you about this beverage’s fabulousness. But believe us, there are many benefits of gin, and the bottle of a solid gin is still worthy of being a welcomed guest in your home bar because:

  • Gin is delicious
  • Gin is low in calories and sugar
  • Gin helps with digestion
  • Gin is one of the healthiest spirits
  • Gin has much of antioxidants that keep you looking young
  • With gin, you can make a number of cocktails
  • Gin is delicious

Gin - welcomed guest in home bar

Since The Most Common Gin Myths Were Busted, Let’s Celebrate It With a Glass of G&T?

Such a mysterious spirit as gin just can’t avoid a number of myths about it. Its botanical taste agitates many minds, making them concoct more and more mind-blowing myths about gin. But unveiling these myths does not make gin less attractive. So don’t mind the false “facts” and just enjoy the divinely delicious gin taste

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