Discover the Beauty of Art: The Best Galleries in Monaco for Your Next Trip

Discover the Beauty of Art:

The Best Galleries in Monaco for Your Next Trip

Monaco is home to a great number of world-famous art galleries, so if you are looking for special cultural activities for your trip, we are here to help. Whether you are a fan of Jeff Koons or your true passion is classical art, this city has a lot to offer!. In this short piece, we’ve compiled a list of the top galleries in Monaco to make your journey insightful and captivating. Check it out!

In this short piece, we’ve compiled a list of the top galleries in Monaco to make your journey insightful and captivating. Check it out!

Monaco Modern Art

Monaco Modern Art is a splendid place for those who want to enjoy the artwork of the most daring artists. This gallery mainly showcases the works of Philippe Pastor and Marcelline Lapouffe.

Monaco Modern Art - enjoy the artwork of the most daring artists | MER

Philippe Pastor


Philippe Pastor is a talented painter and sculptor. His artworks are nothing but amazing! The artist uses the language of art to mirror human interference into the flora and fauna and highlight the issues related to nature protection and sustainability.  

Artworks of Philippe Pastor | MER

Marcelline Lapoffe


Marcelline Lapouffe is a young bold artist who plays with the concepts of life and death to create eccentric yet gripping artworks. She finds her inspiration in skeletons and other mysterious artefacts. The artist’s primary goal is to highlight the beauty of human bodies. 

Sustainability is one of the key concepts of this contemporary art gallery. In 2015, the team of Monaco Modern Art hosted an exhibition in Milan which was held as a part of the project of the Principality an eco-village equipped with solar panels, a system to recycle dirty air, and charging stations for electric cars.

If you are a fan of contemporary art and want to learn more about the importance of eco-initiatives, Monaco Modern Art is one of the best places to visit in Monaco for you.

Opera Gallery


Want to enjoy a wide range of artworks from fine art to modern pieces? Opera Gallery is just what you need to dive deep into the mind-blowing beauty of art! The gallery was founded in 1994 and now you can visit its branches in London, Hong Kong, Miami, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, New York, Seoul, and Monaco.

In this gallery, you’ll find the artworks of more than 100 artists for every taste. Impressionist Raoul Dufy, abstract artwork of Lucio Fontana, or installations by the conceptual artist Mel Bochner — the choice is yours! You can take a peek at the Viewing Rooms, an online space where you can explore various corners of the gallery and create the perfect mood for your upcoming trip.

Besides a wide range of captivating exhibitions, Opera Gallery cooperates with museums and galleries across the globe to keep the artists’ legacy protected. So if you want to explore the full diversity of art styles and see the paintings of the most remarkable artists in your own eyes, we recommend visiting this art gallery in Monaco.

Visit Opera art Gallery in Monaco | MER

Art Gallery Berrino 

Art Gallery Berrino is one of the most impressive and curious places to see in Monaco as every artwork of Mario Berrino is a celebration of color, warmth, and life. This beautiful gallery is located near Palace Square, where you can enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes of Monaco. Monaco is the primary inspiration of the artist. If you want to get the taste of Monaco lifestyle, Art Gallery Berrino is definitely the place to visit.

Art Gallery Berrino | MER

Mario Berrino 


Mario Berrino (1920-2011) was a landscape painter and entrepreneur from Italy. The paintings of Mario Berrino reflect his unconditional love for nature, people, animals, and life. Freedom was another essential concept for Berrino, so you can even feel this rebellious spirit by looking at his gripping paintings. 

There is also the painter’s own foundation that was established to preserve his heritage and engage youth to discover the fascinating world of art. A large number of colors, various objects, jaw-dropping landscapes, and unique characters — thanks to these paintings, you’ll be able to see the beauty of ordinary things and explore the mesmerizing world around you. 

The paintings of Mario Berrino

Maison D’Art


Maison D’Art is a must-visit place for every art lover! This gallery is a splendid mix of contemporary artwork and paintings created by artists who lived in the period between the XIII and the XVIII century. Thanks to a powerful combination of these completely different art movements, visitors can discover the paintings of both contemporary and old artists. 

Maison D’Art also hosts charity exhibitions and auctions. In 2020, they organized an exhibition to raise money for the destitute communities in Argentina. The exhibition was supported by the artists from Monaco and Argentina. 

By embarking on a gallery tour to Maison D’Art, you can enjoy Baroque paintings by Mario Nuzzi, the artwork of Sebastiano Ricci in the Rococo style, the paintings and sculptures of such contemporary artists as Bosco Sodi, Pablo Armesto, and Blake Ward. In this place, old masters meet modern artists and take every visitor on a mind-blowing journey through time and space. For those interested in the history of art, this gallery is one of the most remarkable places to visit in Monaco

Maison D’Art - exhibitions and auctions in Monaco | MER

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Monaco is a perfect place for every art lover as everyone can find a perfect gallery to enjoy a huge number of fascinating artworks of various styles and periods. We also want to make sure that you are all set to embark on your marvelous trip to Monaco, so have a look at our detailed guide on Monaco restaurants and places to stay. 

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