What’s on Your Plate? Everything to Know About Michelin Star Rating

What’s on Your Plate?

Everything You Wanted to Know About Michelin Star Rating

Michelin star is one of the most coveted hallmarks for every restaurant as it means that your establishment will be included in the legendary list of first-class restaurants. But did you know that this world-renowned rating system was established by 2 talented brothers? We’ve all heard about the masterly culinary skills of chefs and the importance of Michelin star rating. But rarely do we question its roots and history. 

In this article, we’ve expanded on the most remarkable moments in the long history of Michelin star rating, clarified its meaning for the restaurant and food industry, and selected 5 of the most popular award-winning establishments so you can treat yourself to delicious cuisine and a magnificent atmosphere.

Michelin star is one of the most coveted hallmarks for every restaurant as it means that your establishment will be included in the legendary list of first-class restaurants. But did you know that this world-renowned rating system was established by 2 talented brothers? We’ve all heard about the masterly culinary skills of chefs and the importance of Michelin star rating. But rarely do we question its roots and history.

The Most Remarkable Moments From the History of Michelin Star Rating 


The Michelin Guide was initially created in 1900 by Edouard and Andre Michelin to boost the demand for cars and their tire company. Back then, there were just around 2000 vehicles in France so it was quite challenging to grow sales and keep business afloat. That’s why the brothers created the guide for travelers with a map with the most notable establishments in the country ― petrol stations, restaurants, cafes, etc. 

For 20 years, the guide was free to everyone. No one knows for sure when and how the guide transformed into a sophisticated system. But it is believed that the brothers decided to start charging for their guide when the founders noticed that the employees use their guides to prop up a workbench. 

In 1920, the Michelin brothers transformed their guide and classified the restaurants according to categories. The brothers hired their first team of anonymous inspectors to rate the restaurants for a set of criteria. Culinary professionals took the role of inspectors and chefs who were forbidden from talking to journalists. In 6 years, the restaurants in France received the first Michelin star.

The illustrious Michelin 3-star rating was introduced in 1931. The rating could be decoded as follows:

  • 1 star: a fine restaurant in its category, good cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere;
  • 2 stars: a great place worth a detour, first-class cuisine;
  • 3 stars: an exceptional establishment worth a special trip, ultimate cuisine, and provides an extraordinary dining experience.

Today, the Michelin star rating is one of the most remarkable hallmarks in the world of culinary. The tire company also reached success ― currently, it is the second largest provider of tires worldwide. 

Ultimate cuisine of Michelin Restaurants | MER

Top 5 Michelin Restaurants Around the World


1. Le Cinq, France


Stars: 3

Must-eat: Langoustines, spaghetti gratin, desserts  

The determined and professional team of this elegant restaurant headed by the renowned chef Christian Le Squer turns every dish into an unforgettable dining experience. Sophisticated gold-and-grey design and traditional furniture from the XIV-XVI centuries add to the atmosphere of exclusivity and opulence. 

While dining there, you can savor a wide range of signature dishes, including crispy prawns and whipped oystersю. The menu is diverse and includes seasonal dishes so you can always find something unique. 

An extremely helpful and courteous staff will make even your worst day brighter. Smoked eel, one in 200 million blue lobster, and black truffle scented with wine — your taste buds will be delighted to try haute cuisine by Le Cinq!  

A wide range of signature dishes - Le Cinq, France

2. The Fat Duck Restaurant, United Kingdom


Stars: 3

Must-eat: Jelly of quail, turtle soup, snail porridge, crab ice cream 

If you have a special occasion and want to spend a wonderful time with your family and friends, this legendary Micheline-rated restaurant is just what you need. But don’t forget to book a table in advance as the restaurant is usually packed and you need to make a reservation in several months.

The chef Heston Blumenthal uses multi-sensory cooking to evoke emotions and tell fascinating stories with his iconic dishes. Traditional culinary is focused on taste, flavor, and appearance, while multi-sensory cooking creates context and affects a broader range of sensors ― taste, flavor, appearance, sound, touch, and memory. 

If you’re a fan of seafood, you should try one of the chef’s top dishes decorated with edible foam and sand. These small details are meant to immerse guests into the atmosphere of the ocean. Along with your dish, a waiter will bring an iPod with the calming sounds of the waves.

The Fat Duck is located in the remodeled cottage of the XVI century. With the exquisite food, 14-course menu, and an impressive wine list, this restaurant can impress even the most demanding gourmets and take everyone on a breathtaking journey of culinary masterpieces.

Chef’s top dishes - The Fat Duck Restaurant, United Kingdom

3. Bon-Bon, Belgium


Stars: 2

Must-eat: Oysters with mint gel, salted pollack with organic vegetables, nougat ice cream 

This popular Belgian restaurant is known for exceptional hospitality and a passion for delicious food. The outstanding interior of Bon-Bon is decorated by the chef Christophe Hardiquest and his wife Stephanie. Each dish in the restaurant reflects the chef’s character — creative, daring, and inspiring. All ingredients are carefully selected and cooked with the ultimate care with a sharp eye for detail to let food lovers savor the whole spectrum of taste. 

Christophe Hardiquest believes that it’s essential to retain the bond between cuisine and the country. That’s why he uses only traditional Belgian ingredients for an authentic experience. The stylish dining room with wooden furniture and garden terrace make Bon-Bon a perfect place for a romantic date or a family dinner. The solid wine list, 2-course menu, and top-notch service are definitely worth your attention! 

Pollock with organic vegetables - Bon-Bon, Belgium

4. Den, Japan


Stars: 2

Must-eat: Brussels sprouts and fish, salads, pork and root vegetables 

Japan is not all about sushi and Den proves it with such mind-blowing dishes as “Dentucky” stuffed wings and sardines with rice and liver paste. Fantastic service and delicious sake that complements the versatile taste of each dish will definitely impress you! If you want to experience legendary Asian hospitality, this restaurant is just what you need.

Zaiyu Hasegawa, the chef in Dan, creates lots of creative dishes but at the same time, he tries to keep the taste of home cooking. He is sure that homemade food created with love is able to make people happier. Unlike most fancy restaurants, Dan has this charming and cozy atmosphere along with dishes that remind you of home. 

5. Azurmendi, Spain


Stars: 3

Must-eat: Smoked salmon, truffled egg, roasted lobster

Azurmendi is quite a unique place as they not only recycle their waste but also practice rainwater harvesting for their own garden and use renewable energy sources to reduce the use of artificial light and cool the building. The restaurant is located in the countryside so you can combine impressive dishes and incredible service with jaw-dropping views. 

Eneko Atxa, the award-winning chef, combines the latest trends in the culinary industry with time-tested traditions. There is a greenhouse at the restaurant so the staff uses their own vegetables and herbs in the kitchen. Azurmendi also offers electrical outlets for electric vehicles. This sustainable restaurant will definitely provide you with a unique dining experience and sublime cuisine!

Impressive dishes - Azurmendi, Spain

Your Gastronomic Journey Is About to Start!

Michelin star is one of the most coveted awards for every restaurant as it highlights its exceptional cuisine, impressive dining experience, and ultimate skills of the chef. The Michelin-rated restaurants from our list are perfect places to try haute cuisine and immerse yourself in a special atmosphere. 

It’s time to dive deep into the most mind-blowing gastronomic adventure ever! Which restaurant will be the first on your list? 

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