The List of Unique Elixir Drinks That Will Blow Your Mind

The List of Elixir Drinks

That Will Blow Your Mind

We seem to be very inventive in matters of food and drinks. But among thousands of receipts, you still can find truly unique, and we would say strange ones. Fermented elixir beverages occupy the royal place in the list of extraordinary drinks. They are believed to have medical virtues since ancient times. 

In China, it was believed that fermented beverages with specific alcohol content are good for people of any age. At the same time, the Romans liked to add herbs and roots to such elixir drinks to improve digestion. Well, herbs and roots are no surprise for anyone. But what would you say about fermented drinks with snakes, mice, or saliva? Right! Sounds more… interesting. Here we cover up the most strange and blow-minding elixir beverages from diverse places of the world. So, instead of beating around the bush, let’s move on directly to the list. 

Well, herbs and roots are no surprise for anyone. But what would you say about fermented drinks with snakes, mice, or saliva? Right! Sounds more… interesting. Here we cover up the most strange and blow-minding elixir beverages from diverse places of the world. So, instead of beating around the bush, let’s move on directly to the list.

1. Alchermes (Italy)

One of the oldest Italian liqueurs, Alchermes, is made with infused cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, various herbs, raw silk, apple juice, rose water, and… Kermes insects. Yes, this “peculiar’ ingredient imbues this beverage with scarlet color. 

Appeared in the 8th century, this tonic was believed to be good for heart palpitation and measles. Alchermes is still used but mostly for making coloring pastry and some desserts such as the Italian pudding Zuppa Inglese and sponge cake. 

Regardless of this not very pleasant fact that Alchermes is made of insects, its taste is quite good. It’s spicy and sweet at the same time. 

Alchermes - one of the oldest Italian liqueurs

2. Mice Wine (China, Korea)

The word “mice” in the name of this beverage is not just a figure of speech. It’s made of mice for real. Hailing from China and Korea, this traditional remedy is made of newborn mice drowned in high-alcohol rice wine, left for a year for pickling, and then, this beverage is ready for drinking. Sounds not really drinkable, but it was believed that Mice Wine is a cure for any diseases, even asthma or liver disease. 

If the taste of gasoline does not bother you, it can be a new extreme experience for you to taste it. By the way, keep in mind that to take the most out of this “elixir of life,” after you drink a dose of Mice Wine, you should finish it with eating pickled mice. But it’s still questionable how effective this medical tonic is.

Mice Wine (China, Korea)

3. Rượu Thuốc (Vietnam)

Another animal-pickled beverage is Rượu Thuốc that came from Vietnam. To prepare this unusual cocktail, a whole cobra is immersed in a distilled spirit. Vietnamese are known for making liquors from a variety of insects and reptiles. But this cobra drink is considered to have a solid effectivity for health. Thus, it is a remedy for hair loss and a booster of virility. 

Despite a cobra, this elixir drink also consists of herbs such as jujube and ginseng and such animals as seahorses and termites. It’s necessary to pour out these ingredients with a distilled spirit, wait for several days, and it’s ready to be drunk. So, Rượu Thuốc can be either drunk before a meal or just in case you diseased caused by bacteria or viruses.

Rượu Thuốc (Vietnam) - animal-pickled beverage came from Vietnam

 4. Kumis (Mongolia, Russia)

If you think that only cows give milk, you don’t even imagine how wrong you are! It may be surprising, but mares can also give milk, and Russian and Mongolian people often use it to prepare a drink known as Kumis. To make Kumis, it’s necessary to brew mare’s milk with alcohol and ferment this concoction for about half of a day. It can be an interesting substitute for a bottle of crafted beer. 

Nevertheless, in the past, it was used as a remedy for tuberculosis. And there were even a number of resorts on Russia’s territory that offered Kumis as an elixir drink for all diseases. Anyway, even if it does not work as a remedy, this yogurt-like beverage is a not-bad beverage to drink on hot summer days, but serve it cold. 

Kumis (Mongolia, Russia) - interesting substitute for a bottle of crafted beer

5. Chicha de Muko (Brazil, Bolivia, Peru)

Chicha de Muko is made from ordinary ingredients such as maize, pineapple rind, clovers, and cinnamon. It’s believed that Chicha de Muko has anti-inflammatory properties, good at regulating blood flow and slowing down the aging. What a godsend, you may think!

However, there is one peculiarity about this Brazilian fermented beverage: you don’t just add maize corn in this receipt, you need to chew it first and then split into a bowl. It’s the saliva that causes fermentation so Chicha can imbue its healing properties. Nowadays, Bolivian and Peruvian people still drink Chicha de Muko as an accompaniment to food. Would you try this unusual and a bit disgusting elixir beverage?

Chicha de Muko - Brazilian fermented beverage

6. Giant Centipede Whiskey (Thailand)

Oh, what can be more refreshing than a large glass of whiskey with a poisonous centipede floating in it? Right there are a lot of options, but Thai people think that Giant Centipede Whiskey totally beats all the other variants. Therefore, they detoxified a massive Serpentine giving it triple distilling, but its look does not become less disturbing. But Thai people promise that this beverage can help you ease back and muscle pain, and it works as an aphrodisiac. So, maybe, it’s worth getting over your disgust and having a glass of Giant Centipede Whiskey. 

Nevertheless, this exotic elixir drink may be a nice unusual gift for your friends who like trying new things. Believe us, they would be impressed, especially because it’s difficult to find this whiskey. But now, you’ll know what to look for when you visit Thailand!

Giant Centipede Whiskey (Thailand) - exotic elixir drink

7. Agwa de Bolivia (Bolivia):

Agwa de Bolivia occurs to be in this list of strange elixir drinks because it’s not really common to make a beverage of actual coca leaves. Yes, the same that is used for cocaine production. Despite coca leaves being associated with the narcotic, it was used as a treatment for headache, altitude sickness, and lethargy in the past. 

So, to make Agwa de Bolivia, it’s necessary to get rid of all psychotic properties before distillation. Despite coca leaves, it also consists of 37 other herbs. It’s quite a drinkable beverage, and it’s understandable because the old formula of coca-cola also consisted of coca leaves. 

Agwa de Bolivia’s taste is sweet and herbal with mint and chili notes. Add a lime wedge, and it will be even better. So, it’s not that bad to drink compared to others from this list.  

Agwa de Bolivia - strange elixir drink

Are You Ready to Try One of These Strange Elixir Drinks from Different Parts of the World?

There are tons of elixir drinks throughout the world you have never tried and even heard before. This list is just a drop in the bucket. But anyways, these strange beverages are worth your attention. So, entertain yourself with eccentric medical drinks from different corners of the world!

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