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10 Craziest Drinks:

Are You Bold Enough to Try Them?

Whether you are an unusual drink aficionado or not, there are some really weird beverages that may interest you. What is the most weird drink you’ve ever tasted? Kombucha? Matcha? You may be amazed, but there are a number of beverages that will spin your head around. 

Maybe you’ll not really enjoy the taste of some of them, but it will be an unforgettable experience to try them. If you are open to new experiences, let’s move on to the list of the most unusual drinks from different corners of the world. 

Maybe you’ll not really enjoy the taste of some of them, but it will be an unforgettable experience to try them. If you are open to new experiences, let’s move on to the list of the most unusual drinks from different corners of the world.

1. Bilk

If you like both milk and beer, you’ll not find a better cocktail than Bilk. It’s a mix of beer and milk. Maybe it doesn’t sound too good, but surprisingly, Bilk tastes like fruit, and it’s a perfect combination with sweets. 

Isn’t it interesting how an idea to combine these drinks come to someone’s mind? Well, Bilk has appeared because a man, who was in the dairy farm industry, and his father, who was a liquor store owner, decided to get rid of excess mild they had. So now we get this weird drink

Bilk cocktail - mix of beer and milk

2. Infected Whitehead Shot

Well, this unusual drink is not that disgusting as it sounds. Infected Whitehead Shot is a mix of vodka, cheese, and Bloody Mary. That’s a drink! If you like cuddling milk in a drink, you’ll like this one. It looks a bit gross, but the taste is not so bad. Who knows, maybe this weird drink will be your favorite one!

Infected Whitehead Shot - unusual drink

3. The Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bomb

This is a kind of a weird drink that evokes a lot of questions. Now, you’ll know why. To make it, you need to go to McDonald’s first. Order 1 Big Mac, 1 large fries, 1 Milk Shake, 1 apple pie, and BBQ sauce packet. Returning to home, put all of it in a blender adding vodka, and – voila – your Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bomb is ready. Enjoy! 

4. Seagull Wine

If you thought that it’s just a name, we have to disappoint you because this wine actually consists of a seagull. You may already hear about snake-based or centipede-based drinks. The principle of making this wine is very similar. It came to us from the far North, where the Inuit people place a dead seagull in water and leave it on the sun to ferment slowly. People say it’s not that bad as it may look like. Well, are you ready to try?

Seagull Wine | MER

5. The Sourtoe Cocktail

If a dead seagull in your drink didn’t impress you that much, then how about a real preserved human toe? Yeah, that one that is on your leg. Actually, the Sourtoe Cocktail is not really a cocktail but an ingredient that can be added to any beverage. 

It hailed from the Sourtoe Cocktail Club in Dawson, and first, it was introduced to the public in 1973. But no one is sure why someone decided to put a toe in a drink. Interestingly, the bar has a collection of multiple toes donated by different people. When you decide to try it, take care not to drink the toe itself because you’ll need to pay a $2,500 fee. We bet you don’t really want to.

Sourtoe Cocktail - ingredient that can be added to any beverage

6. Pizza Beer

Pizza beer is another unique beverage. Gladly, it’s not made of pizza or any odd ingredients, but its taste reminds me of pizza’s taste a lot. Such a unique flavor is achieved with tomatoes, garlic, and herbs in their brewing process. We’re not sure yet whether it’s an outrage upon pizza’s good name or a genius invention of humanity. Anyways, if you’re one of those pizza-beer lovers or if you just have an adventurous soul, you should try this weird alcohol drink.

Clue: you can find it in the U.S. 

Pizza Beer - unique weird alcohol beverage

7. Gau Jal (Cow Urine Soda)

Whether it’ll disappoint you or not, Gau Jal is actually made of cow urine. This weird drink was created by Hindu paramilitary nationalists, who wanted to replace American Coca-Cola with India’s original drink. In some sense, they managed to outdo Coca-Cola with this go-to soda. 

Drinking cow urine may sound strange to us, but in India, a cow is a sacred animal, and their urine has been used as many traditional remedies. So, how about tasting refreshing cow urine?

8. Placenta 10000

Among the craziest drinks, Placenta 10000 is on the top of the list. This Japanese drink is made of pig placenta. Since it’s believed that the placenta has regenerative properties, and some mothers even eat it after giving birth, this weird drink is supposedly useful for your health. Nevertheless, it tastes not that bad at all. Drinking it, you’ll feel the delightful taste of fresh peaches. If you have no problems with drinking pig placenta, this drink will not disappoint you.

9. Smoker’s Cough 

A mix of Jagermeister and mayonnaise can make anyone sick, but this strange cocktail is unexpectedly quite popular. Actually, that’s it. Just mix these two ingredients, and you’ll get your homemade Smoker’sSmoker’s Cough. Well, cannot promise it’ll taste good, but if you’re bold enough to try this weird drink, then why not? 

Smoker’s Cough - try this weird drink

10. Prairie Oyster

Being named as a hangover cure, this drink appears everywhere as a dim shadow. You might have noticed it in many films, TV shows, or among the assortment of the local pub’s menu. We cannot say whether this strange drink really diminishes hangover symptoms or not. Still, the content of it is rather unusual: raw egg yolk, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, hot sauce, salt, and ground pepper. 

Prairie Oyster - strange drink

Make your evening a bit crazy with these craziest drinks!

You probably have one or two of your favorite drinks you always order in a local pub. It’s cool to have stable preferences, but you’re missing new jollies. This list of weird cocktails is where you can start your path as an experienced drinker of unusual cocktails. It’s always fun to try new drinks, especially strange ones. Cheers!

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