Hospitality Case Studies. How Do Wealthiest Hotels Grow Their Empires?

Hospitality Case Studies.

How Do Wealthiest Hotels Grow Their Empires?

Hotels have always been an integral part of the hospitality industry and they have made our traveling possible. Plane tickets and a booking at a comfortable hotel and, voila, you are ready for your trip to a foreign country. The rest is just details. 

But it’s always nice to stay in not just mere a comfortable place that has been around for years or even decades. The place that provides excellent service, treats each guest and employee right. And we find one or even several — established hotels that have been behind an amazing hospitality industry growth. 

And here these are the wealthiest empire hotels that have established empires. So let’s consider one of the greatest hotel brands in the hospitality sphere.

Hotels have always been an integral part of the hospitality industry and they have made our traveling possible. Plane tickets and a booking at a comfortable hotel and, voila, you are ready for your trip to a foreign country. The rest is just details.

What are the Wealthiest Players in the Hospitality Industry in 2020?


Although with the traveling bans worldwide many renowned hotels dramatically lost in profit and growth and development of the hotel industry has been in decline, we can still make the list of the wealthiest hotels in 2020 and their brand value according to Statista, a famous business data platform: 

  1. Hilton Hotels & Resorts with 10.8 billion US dollars
  2. Marriott with 6 billion US dollars
  3. Hyatt with 4.53 billion US dollars
  4. Holiday Inn with 4.5 billion US dollars
  5. Hampton by Hilton with 3.87 billion US dollars

List of the wealthiest hotels in 2020 | MER

Hilton Hotels & Resorts


Even if someone has never had a chance of staying at a Hilton Hotel, she would probably have heard about the place a hundredth time. And, likely, some positive things. Hilton Hotels & Resorts ranks first in the list of the wealthiest empire hotels in the hospitality industry. The members of the Hilton family are well-known beyond the tourism sector. Take Paris Hilton, for instance. The socialite adds popularity to the hotel chain, take it or leave it. 

Hilton Hotels & Resorts also known as Hilton Hotels has almost 600 hotels around the world. In 2020, the hotel was awarded top company out of a hundred to work for in the list of Fortune magazine. The result was based on the hotel’s employees’ satisfaction rates, which makes it quite remarkable. 

Hilton puts each guest at the core of their business. The chain offers them impeccable services — from checking-in to checking-out. You feel safe, valued, and you are catered to your unique needs. No surprise, that Hilton attracts thousands of visitors every year. 

Hilton Hotels & Resorts ranks first of the wealthiest hotels in the hospitality industry



Marriott International or Marriott is a worldwide famous hotel brand with more than 7.400 properties and approximately 144.000 employees throughout the world. The hotel strives to maintain high standards in everything they do — providing impeccable room service, serving exceptional food and beverage, or offering lavish entertainment. They do it with business integrity and a strong commitment to making everything in the best way. It makes Marriott International one of the most successful hotel brands in the world. 

The hotel was created in 1927 and since then the company has only got better and bigger. Although it does have a lot of rivals in the industry, Marriott has always done business in a fair manner cherishing “integrity and good judgment,” which are underlined in its Business Conduct Guide and other company policies. All these make Marriott International a respected hotel worldwide.

Marriott - worldwide famous hotel brand



Hyatt Hotels Corporation also known as Hyatt Hotels & Resorts or simply Hyatt is an American hotel company and one of the best-known in the world. It has more nearly 900 hotels worldwide and employs more than 100.000 staff members worldwide. 

Hyatt is loved not only by multiple visitors but employees, at the hotel positions itself as the place that “cares for people so that they can be their best,” is “family,” and a “caring” hotel that “embraces” everyone. Indeed, these are not only words to promote the brand, these are the words backed up by solid facts. 

The original Hyatt motel was purchased by the Pritzker family in 1959 and evolved into a renowned brand believing that a family is the most important thing in life. That’s why it has always put people in the first place. Care is at the core of Hyatt’s services — they care for their guests by catering to their unique needs as well as for their employees by providing the best working conditions. 

Hyatt has a range of initiatives to make a life for people better and care for our planet. The brand offers multiple perks for its employees that help them take care of their mind, body, and health — health insurance, retirement plans, travel perks, etc. The initiatives involved around nature include responsible sourcing and responsible seafood. All these things make Hyatt the wealthiest and most popular empire hotel brand in the world. 

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts - famous American hotel company

Holiday Inn


Holiday Inn is a world-famous British brand of hotels, but it was founded in the USA in the 1950s’ by an American Kemmons Wilson. Now, the company has more than 1170 hotels in the world. Holiday Inn operates with the highest standards putting their guests and employees at the heart of their business — they know how to operate perfectly in each country, they celebrate diversity by paying thorough attention to local traditions, customers, history, etc. For instance, receiving gifts by staff is only allowed if it’s in line with local business culture. But, at the same time, they integrate the same high standards of providing service in every Holiday Inn. 

By following rigorous standards, providing excellent service, the chain of Holiday Inn attracts multiple visitors to each location in the world, which makes it the fourth wealthiest empire hotel in the hospitality industry.

Holiday Inn - a world-famous British brand of hotels

Hampton Inn by Hilton 


Hilton Hotels & Resort are already in the first place on the list. But it does much more. It provides everyone opportunities to travel at a reasonable price and Hampton Inn is one of the Hilton brands that provide the budget options of lodging. And they’re more than 2000 Hampton Inn hotels throughout the globe, so anyone can find something to her liking.

Hampton Inn - one of the Hilton hotel brands

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