The Best Wine Picks to Savor in May: What’s New in the Industry?

The Best Wine Picks to Savor in May:

What’s New in the Industry?

With so many options to choose from, discovering good wine may be a challenging task. Whether you are looking for a bottle of fresh and fruity Sauvignon Blanc to stock your wine cellar with or just want to pick a generously flavored Shiraz for a night out with friends, we are always here to help. 

To simplify your choice, we’ve come up with the top wine picks to enjoy in May and expanded on the top trends in the wine industry so you can stay up to date with the latest news.

To simplify your choice, we’ve come up with the top wine picks to enjoy in May and expanded on the top trends in the wine industry so you can stay up to date with the latest news.

Top Wine Picks of May


  • France: Joseph Drouhin Rully Blanc 

Food pairings: pasta, mild and soft cheese, seafood, cured meat 

Maison Joseph Drouhin is a prominent wine producer from France. Adopting the biodynamic approach to winemaking, the company avoids chemical fertilizers and uses only natural products and organic farming methods. 

This refreshing and elegant chardonnay will delight you with a fruity and citrus flavor, excellent acidity, and a complex taste of oak, vanilla, lemon, peach, and pear. Its fruity aromas and citrus notes will impress every connoisseur. Serve the wine between 12-14 °C (54-57 °F) and complement it with a cheese board, pasta, seafood, or cured meat. 

  • Italy: Grattamacco Bolgheri Rosso 

Food pairings: pasta, beef, lamb, deer, mushroom risotto, fish

The ColleMassari Domaine is a family-owned complex of four estates making elegant wine and top-quality olive oil in the heart of Tuscany. Besides wine tasting, the winery also encourages guests to explore the cellars, take a stroll around their vineyards and olive groves, and enjoy a bike tour. There’s also a perfect wedding venue with a beautiful garden, a spacious swimming pool, and an exquisite restaurant. 

Though ColleMassari offers a wide range of wine selections, don’t miss out on a chance to relish Grattamacco Bolgheri Rosso bursting with bright notes of blackberry and chocolate along with a gentle touch of oak and vanilla and a slight tobacco finish. 

Intense and elegant, this Italian red absorbed the best of a mild Mediterranean climate and the vineyard at 100 meters (328 feet) above sea level. Serve it between 15-17 °C (59-63 °F) and enjoy the wine with grilled meat, pasta, mushroom risotto, or fish.

  • New Zealand: Jules Taylor Marlborough Chardonnay 

Food pairings: pork, poultry, salmon, grilled vegetables, fish and chips

Jules Taylor Winery is a place where a team of passionate viticulturists uses the best grapes to produce a wine full of hard work and love. An experienced chief winemaker, Jules has a degree in viticulture and makes sure every single wine bottle produced at her winery is special. 

You won’t find their selection of wines over-complicated, but you’ll feel the spirit of sun-soaked New Zealand’s soils and dedicated winemakers. Jules Taylor says her wine is for those who love, celebrate, and laugh, so why not give it a try? 

If you like intense, fruity wines without oaky and buttery notes, you will fall in love at first sip with Jules Taylor Marlborough Chardonnay! Refreshing and mouthwatering, this wine will impress you with peach and mango flavors mixed with intense pear and apple notes. You will also feel a gentle touch of lemon, almond, and caramel. Its juicy finish will complete your experience, making it unforgettable!

Serve the wine between 8-10 °C (46-50 °F) and accompany it with grilled vegetables, fish and chips, or poultry. 

  • Australia: Penfolds RWT Bin 798 Shiraz 

Food pairings: beef, lamb, poultry 

One of Australia’s oldest wineries, Penfolds produces a single-vineyard wine that absorbs the best of what a particular region has to offer. Combining innovations with a traditional winemaking process, the company provides clients with exquisite and full-bodied wines. Their vineyards are mainly located in South Australia’s regions such as Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, and Eden Valley. 

RWT Bin 798 Shiraz from Barossa Valley is a perfect wine choice for connoisseurs who value opulent and generously flavored beverages with floral and berry notes. This elegant wine has intense blackberry and ginger notes combined with vanilla and roasted chestnut. Its tempting chocolate finish will definitely delight your taste buds. 

Serve this full-bodied Shiraz between 16-18 °C (60-64 °F) and enjoy it with beef, lamb, poultry, or Thai red curry.

  • Italy: Pelissero Le Nature Mosto Parzialmente Fermentato 

Food pairings: pasta, mature and hard cheese, seafood, cured meat 

Founded in 1960, this family-owned winery mainly uses native varieties to produce 85% of its wines. Managing 42 hectares (104 acres) of vineyards, Pelissero makes 250 000 bottles of fragrant and elegant wine per year.  

From the classic Barbaresco to the aromatic Favorita, Pelissero’s wine selection is impressive, but we recommend you try Le Nature Mosto Parzialmente Fermentato. This refreshing and full-bodied sparkling wine will enchant you with sweet notes of acacia, thyme, honey, and passion fruit. After the second sip, you will also feel apple and lemon flavors. 

Serve the wine between 10-12 °C (50-54 °F) and savor it with a cheeseboard, cured meat, or fresh seafood.

The Latest Wine Industry Trends 

Now when you know everything about the best wine picks to relish in May, let’s have a look at some of the latest trends in the wine industry. Canned wines, a sustainable approach to winemaking, and alcohol-free drinks—we’ve got it all covered for you! 


  • Canned and Boxed Wines

The pandemic has affected consumer shopping habits a lot. Today, customers tend to stock up their cellars using alternative packaging formats such as bag-in-box and canned wines. Thanks to the long-lasting freshness compared to regular glass bottles, boxed wines are all the rage now. To keep this format sustainable, wine producers do their best to make the packaging recyclable.

Once some of the restrictions have been lifted, canned wines became a huge hit. It’s much easier to grab a couple of canes for a night out with friends or an outdoor family gathering than fiddle around with bulky glass bottles that might break and spill when they clang against each other. 

  • Biodynamic Wines

Biodynamic wines have never been more popular and this trend is going to grow even further this year. To make a wine biodynamic, winemakers eliminate chemicals to nourish the soil, use natural materials to sustain vineyards, and follow a special calendar to control the process. From French Leclerc Briant to Australian Tamburlaine, more and more vineyards adopt biodynamic practices. 

Nowadays customers prefer to consume more natural products and value a sustainable approach to winemaking. As a result, the global retail and restaurant sector has shown the demand for biodynamic wine, so this trend is going to stay for a long time.

  • Non-Alcoholic Wines

A trend toward health and wellness affects the wine industry — after the lockdown customers prefer to control the amount of alcohol they consume. According to the research, the global sales of low/no alcoholic drinks are expected to grow up to 31% by 2024. 

Though people still want to savor a glass of good wine with friends or after a tough day at work, they opt for low or no-alcohol drinks. That’s why it’s crucial for winemakers to follow the latest production techniques to reduce or eliminate alcohol concentration and preserve the authentic wine taste and flavor.   

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