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Taste, Flavor, History, Pairing, and More —

What You’ll Learn in Best Online Wine Courses

Wine is not just a pompous liquid. It is a combination of tastes and flavors that is made with intricate technology. The Antique world craved good wine, while Christians compared it to Jesus’ blood. Being well-versed in this famous beverage is not a luxury anymore. You can choose any online wine course you like out of many.
Whether you are the one who adores wine and wants to collect it without knowing for sure which is and which is not, or you are the one who is ready to become a winemaker, online training wine courses hit the nail on the head.
Wine is an intricate and sophisticated art you should master, especially if you crave it. So, let us introduce a list of online wine courses both free and paid you’ll find enjoyable and informative.

Wine is not just a pompous liquid. It is a combination of tastes and flavors that is made with intricate technology. The Antique world craved good wine, while Christians compared it to Jesus’ blood. Being well-versed in this famous beverage is not a luxury anymore. You can choose any online wine course you like out of many.

Wine Tasting: Sensory Techniques for Wine Analysis

Where: Coursera
Price: Free unless you want to pay for a certificate
For whom: Beginners and those who want to strengthen their knowledge in wine
Coursera is a learning platform with a high diversity of courses. So, no wonder it offers even free online wine courses. This course will suck you down into the history and meaning of wine for the world and humanity. This course will also give you important practical knowledge too. You’ll dismantle the physiological process of wine tasting.
Believe it or not, the tasting mechanism is even more intricate, as you could imagine. While tasting wine after this course, you’ll be able to name all the shades of taste, the part of your tongue it feels the most, and color. Thus, your sensory vocabulary will be filled with a bunch of new words and terms. Besides, this best wine tasting online course provides techniques for detecting defects in wine and teaches you to avoid mistakes in pairing wine with food.

What you’ll learn:

  • Types of wine – both classical and modern
  • How to differentiate tastes of different wines
  • How to explain the taste and scent of wine
  • How to spot defects in wine
  • How to pair wine with food

Wine Tasting - Coursera

World of Wine: From Grape to Glass

Where: edX
Price: Free, additional cost for a certificate
For whom: For beginners, and any other wine enthusiasts
edX course is heading for investigating the finesses of wine production and tasting. edX manages to gather a lot of data and compactly fit into one course. It could take up to a year to learn all of this, but this course offers a shortcut road to become a wine connoisseur. Thus, this online wine course will give an understanding of the wine-making process and how it affects the outcome: taste, flavor, aroma, and appearance.
Besides, it will teach you how to describe wine with words. You may wonder how some wine enthusiasts can beautifully explain all the shades of wine, whether its odor or taste or color with proper words. It sounds like a poesy! No doubt you’ll be able to do the same after completing this online wine course for beginners.

What you’ll learn:

  • How grapes are grown
  • Principles and techniques of wine-making process
  • The way manufacturing processes impact wine
  • How to describe all the aspects of wine with words

World of Wine: edX

Wine Styles Tasting Course with Madeline Puckette

Where: Wine Folly
Price: $19
For whom: Primarily for beginners, groups, but professionals will find it enjoyable too
Madeline Puckette is an avid wine admirer and one of the creators of Wine Folly, a content site devoted to wine. She won “Wine Communicator of the Year” at the International Wine and Spirit Competition. She loves wine, she writes about wine, she makes videos on YouTube about wine, and now, she has launched a wine tasting course online.
What makes this course special except Madeline Puckette’s ability to talk about wine enchantingly? We believe you should take this online wine course because it promises to be informative, educational, and entertaining.
The course will help you train your palate by tasting different wines and exploring wine with the help of taste and smell.

What you’ll learn:

  • Talk confidently about wine
  • How to taste wine
  • How to identify the quality of wine
  • Expand your palate
  • How to find out your own wine style

Wine Styles Tasting Course with Madeline Puckette - Wine Folly

Wine Masterclass with James Suckling

Where: MasterClass
Price: $90 per month
For whom: Those who already know something about wine
James Suckling, who is known as one of the “world’s most powerful wine critics,” will lead you into the word of exuberant wine tastes. He’ll teach you his personal blind tasting technique to master the art of wine savoring. The online wine education course consists of information about wine taste and aroma peculiarities, pairing with food, and wine etiquette.
Also, Mr. Suckling provides you with detailed textual guides to read for a better understanding of the course material. So, this course is an excellent opportunity to know closer how the real sommelier with 40 years of experience explores such a fabulous beverage as wine and reveals his professional secrets and tricks.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to deepen your knowledge in wine
  • How to distinguish between good and not so good wine
  • How to conduct blind tasting
  • How to discern flavors and aromas
  • Factors that impact wine during manufacturing
  • Rules of wine etiquette
  • How to pair wine with food

Wine Masterclass

WSET Level 1 Award in Wines Online

Where: WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) School
Price: Around $135
For whom: Primarily, amateurs but other wine enthusiasts too
With this online wine course, you’ll get a gist of such a sophisticated liquid as wine. The course goes into the basics, and in a short period of time, you’ll learn a lot about wine tasting, distinguishing types of wines, wine collecting, and pairing wine with food. WSET offers different levels depending on how much you already know about wine. We advise you to take Level 1. It covers all about wine tasting and wine in general. So, what you’ll have is a 4-week intensive and interactive online classroom and a mentor’s guidance in all of your strugglings in identifying a style of wine or any wine-related question.

What you’ll learn:

  • The principal types and styles of wine
  • Wine grapes and their peculiarities
  • How to taste wine
  • How to pair wine with food
  • How to store and serve wine

WSET Level 1 Award in Wines Online

Complement your wine classes with a glass of an incredible beverage!

We’ve compiled a short list of the best online wine courses so you could enrich your knowledge of wine tastings. But to complete any of these courses, you will surely need several bottles of good wine. No worries! It’s not even a problem since we have one of the widest collections of high-quality wines of different tastes, aging, and price. 

So, choose an online wine course and find out which wines you will need. Then, look closer through our collection, and you’ll find the right match. Enjoy your education with a glass of fabulous wine!


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