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Get the taste of a chevalier lifestyle with MER Patrimony — your guide into the world of epic experiences.

Our perseverance and pursuit of excellence allowed us to progress in a variety of spheres — from spirits & wines to hospitality & exploration. By going beyond our capabilities, we create businesses prepared to challenge tomorrow’s industries.

Our Story

MER Patrimony was established with a clear vision to create a community of vision-driven people who share the same taste for adventure, spirits, food and explorations.


No matter what we do or what project we’re engaged in, we always stay hungry for new experiences. Undiscovered lands, history’s mysteries and gastronomic masterpieces - all of these inspire us to come up with brilliant ideas.

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MER Patrimony is not just a group of employees working to reach their goals. We are a refined community of peers where each member shares the same values, spirit and vision. United by a single mission, we contribute to building the new aristocracy while preserving the best traditions of the chevalier culture.

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Aspiration for greatness, sophistication and perseverance are the core attributes that set MER Patrimony apart from other companies. We do not put up with imperfections, challenge benchmarks and promote innovativeness to ensure we deliver the top-class brands to the world.

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Dedication lies in the core of our values. Being committed to our customers, team and the world, we always put more effort into everything we do. By helping businesses evolve into forward-looking corporations, we challenge benchmark, set new standards and transform industries

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